Pabco Gypsum Products Catalog



PABCO® FLAME CURB® Gypsum Wallboard is a family of fire-resistant gypsum panel products designed for use on interior walls, ceilings and partitions. The paper facing affords an excellent surface suitable for a variety of applications including paint and wallpaper.

Features & Benefits


  • PABCO® FLAME CURB® Gypsum Wallboard panels are flexible and may be attached with nails, screws or approved adhesives.

  • PABCO® FLAME CURB® wallboard panels are produced in thicknesses of 1/2" and 5/8"; widths of 48" and 54" (for 5/8" type X) and lengths that vary from 8' to 14'.

  • PABCO® FLAME CURB® Gypsum Wallboard products are produced with a variety of additional additives providing improved fire resistive qualities.