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By using this form, you may elect to exercise your privacy rights as a California resident.

You may also submit a request to exercise these rights by calling us at 1-855-275-5787.


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We will comply with your request to know your personal information unless the personal information is outside the scope of California's privacy laws, is otherwise exempt from disclosure, or we cannot confirm your identity.  Note that California law prohibits us from disclosing certain sensitive types of information including financial account numbers, an account password, or security questions and answers.


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If we are unable to verify your identity as part of your request, we may be prohibited from fulfilling your request.


Delivery of Specific Pieces of Information


If you are requesting to know the specific piece of information we have collected about you, please let us know how you would like to receive that information:





Submit a request on behalf of someone else


If you are requesting personal information on behalf of someone else, we will contact you and you'll be expected to provide an authorization letter.  We may require the person to verify their identity with us directly and to verify that you have been authorized to submit a request on their behalf.  If we verify that you are authorized to know the requested personal information, we will contact you to collect additional information.


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By submitting this form, you agree, on penalty of perjury or other criminal offense under applicable law, that either you are the individual about whom this request for personal information relates, or that you are authorized by that individual to make this request on their behalf.





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